Jessica Gomes’ Transformed Body Looks Hotter Than Ever In Sexy Swimsuit Shoot

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Jessica Gomes’ Transformed Body Looks Hotter Than Ever In Sexy Swimsuit Shoot
Jess is best known for her swimsuit work and photographer Ezra Patchett and Make-up artist Max May drew inspiration from her early days shooting Sports Illustrated.

SHE’S back on the beach that made her famous — and she’s proving that seven years later, and with a transformed body, she’s hotter than ever.

Jessica Gomes returned to the LA beachfront where she shot her first sexy Sports Illustrated shoot in 2008, now with a taut toned body, breast reduction and high-fashion look she’s positively sizzling hot.

Make-up artist to the stars, Max May said his aim was to capture the exotic beauty in her element.

“I was inspired by her early days of Sports Illustrated,” May said.

“I wanted to capture that sexy 90s vibe with her and I think we achieved that.

“She represents a beautiful and sexy woman and that’s what I attempted to capture.”

Jessica Gomes photographed on Point Dume Beach north of Malibu, California, by Ezra Patchett with hair and make up by Max May.

Fans were shocked when they learnt that the 30-year-old face of David Jones had undergone breast reduction surgery, but this shoot proves Gomes is a force to be reckoned with whether she’s a Varga-esque pin-up to or slim runway mannequin.

“She told me she felt her body was the best it has ever been,” May said.

Jessica Gomes at a recent photo shoot. Picture: Ezra Patchett

“She has been doing a lot of hot yoga and those crazy cycle classes in LA and when I arrived in LA and saw her I said, “we have to do this, your body is insane.”

“And we barely did any retouching, it just fixed up a bit of her skin. She was perfect.

“Certain people come into their own at certain ages and Jess has well and truly done that.”

Jessica Gomes, pictured in 2008, became known for her beautiful curves.

Jessica Gomes pictured in the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

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